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Questions Answered

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Currently, all our injectables are made with USP Pharmaceutical Grade MCT Oil. In the near future we plan on adding a Grapeseed oil option for all of our products aswell!

No! We only use standard Benzyl Alcohol & Benzyl Benzoate for all of our products.

Click here for a general overview of our manufacturing process.

Our products are tested via third party HPLC analysis. Our latest test results even correspond to the batch numbers found on products. You can view our lab test results and more info here.

We almost never get complaints about any post injection pain, although some compounds are more likely to cause it than others, due to either concentration or the actual molecular structure/size of the compound, Primobolan for example often causes PIP at 200mg/ml regardless of how its produced.

Some people are also allergic to certain carrier oils like the MCT Oil we use – thats why we plan on releasing a Grapeseed Oil line of product in the future to accomodate those customers.

Yes! Our tablets are 10mm scored tablets, they have a break line in the middle and can be easily split to better modulate your dosage.

This is sometimes unavoidable with certain compounds, at occurs due to cold weather during transit. In the rare event you receive crystalized product, it is usually easily fixed by heating the vial and shaking it until it clears up. You can use a hair dryer, a skillet, or a bath of boiling water.

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We mainly accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. We also offer Cashapp for orders over $200, Transferwise for orders over $350, and Cash in Mail for orders over $500. These alternate methods are not always available, and have a 5.5% processing fee. We highly recommend Cryptocurrency payment to get your order processed as fast as possible.

Click here for our recommendations on how and where to buy Bitcoin.

Orders are processed within 24 hours of payment being confirmed. After that, it takes anywhere from 2-6 business days to arrive.

You will be able to see your tracking number once it’s available under your account orders section. You can also sign up for USPS Informed Delivery, that way you will see your package and the tracking information without having to check with us.

Absolutely. We ship all orders in generic packaging with nothing describing the contents of the order.

We do not reship packages for incomplete addresses. For obvious security reasons, we do not use valid return addresses on our packages, so we are not able to retrieve packages that are returned to sender. 

Although very rare, sometimes USPS simply loses packages. If this happens, we will gladly reship your package (1) time, free of charge.

In the rare event that this happens, please reach out to us immediately, and take a photograph of the contents of your package before ripping open any vaccum sealing. We will do our best to make things right!

Yes, we offer additional discounts for orders over $1000+ USD and wholesale prices for even larger orders. We work with many resellers. Email us for more information.

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